CWO Corner Banners

Corner Banners

Corner banners are becoming a popular way for bloggers to reinforce their brand and add spice to the look of their site.

In order to showcase the blogs of Christian Women, we've designed a few styles with our readers in mind. Some styles will appeal to men, who are welcome to use them too.

Included on this page are simple instructions for inserting the code. Feel free to use any that you wish, and in return, we ask that you keep our link in the code so that other bloggers can benifit from this service as well.


  1. Choose your corner banner
  2. Copy the code from the box below it
  3. Insert the code right after the </body> tag
    on your blog html
    Note: If the image doesn't appear on your blog, then move the code to the area right before the </head> tag.