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Guidelines For Writers

The purpose of Christian Women Online Magazine is to unite women of faith, regardless of our differing ages, our roles as women, or the signs that mark our church doors. We believe that one of the best ways to do this is to encourage each other in faith, by our spoken and written words.

Most of our articles are written by regular monthly contributors, but we do accept submissions from others occasionally in addition to our monthly guest column. All writing is done on a volunteer basis.

We are not interested in publishing poetry, but we are interested in articles that will capture the interest of Christian women. Articles should be uplifting and void of condemnation, and must reflect a Biblical perspective. We would prefer that a Bible verse also be included along with its reference and the translation it was taken from.

We are interested in articles that share life experience as it guides readers into Biblical truth, however, we are not interested in publishing work that is written in an academic tone with the purpose to teach.

Articles should be approximately 800-1200 words in length, and should be well proofed for error before submission.

Authors must own the rights to any articles that are submitted.

Articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word for Windows format, with the author’s name, telephone number and email address marked at the top. Authors may also include a short bio. Do not include any images with submissions.

We will try our best to consider all entries, but unfortunately, we will not be able to include all articles that are sent to us, as some may not meet our editorial needs.

Thank you for considering Christian Women Online.

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A Whisper in Winter
Shannon Woodward
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